Bond Information

Inmates can be bonded out of jail 24 hours a day, using one of the following methods:

  • Cash Bond: A cash bond can be paid by either cash or a bank issued certified check. A certified check must be verified by a Supervisor before the bond can be approved. The cash bond amount is also the amount of cash you need to post, i.e. if the bond is $500, then $500 cash must be posted. The Fayette County Jail only accepts correct change, so please only bring the correct amount.
  • Property Bond: A property bond may be posted by individuals who own property in Fayette County. To post a property bond you must have the original warranty deed (we will not accept copies), a current tax statement and all persons on the deed must be present. In case of the death of a named person on the deed, you must show proof of the death (i.e. certified death certificate). A quit claim deed is only acceptable if accompanied with the original warranty deed. The assessed value of the property must be greater by a sum of twice the bond amount to be approved, (i.e. if the bond is $1,000 you must have $2,000 in equity).
  • Professional Bonding Companies: The Fayette County Jail uses the following bonding companies:
    • ABC South Bail Bonds: 770-461-2211
    • Anytime Bonding: 770-461-9464
    • Better Bonding: 770-716-9889
    • Fayette Bonding: 770-460-5572
  • Transfer Bond (out of county bond): A transfer bond is an option for individuals who own property outside of Fayette County. To obtain a transfer bond you must go to the Sheriff's Office in the county your property is located to find out what documents they require to post a property bond. The Sheriff's Office will prepare the bond and place it in a sealed envelope. Return the sealed envelope to the Fayette County Jail where we will complete the bonding process. If the envelope is open or tampered with, our bonding officer will not accept the bond.
  • In addition to the established bond amount, a $20 bond fee (cash only) is assessed on each bond written. This amount is non-refundable.