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Field Operations Division
Uniform Patrol Section

The men and women assigned to the Uniform Patrol Section of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office perform the most visible and recognizable functions of our agency.  They are the core; some might say the backbone, of the Sheriff’s Office.  They are the ones that respond to your calls for assistance.  You will find them in your neighborhoods behind the wheel of a patrol car, looking for a lost child, comforting the victim of a crime, or questioning someone who doesn't appear to belong in your neighborhood.  Deputies assigned to the Uniform Patrol Section are, quite often, the agency's first line of defense in the county's largest law enforcement agency.

The Uniform Patrol Section is staffed by men and women assigned to four shifts.  Each shift is led by a supervision team consisting of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Corporal.  The teams of the Uniform Patrol Section work 12 hour shifts.  They work as a single unit; everyone on the team is either on duty or off duty at the same time.  This arrangement allows continuity and fosters a more instinctive working relationship that benefits our constituency.

For additional information on the four Uniform Patrol Sections, please click on the following links:

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If you have any questions concerning the activities and operations of the Uniform Patrol Section, please feel free to contact Captain Moorman.

Contact Information:

Captain David Moorman, Assistant Director of Field Operations
Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Field Operations Division
Uniform Patrol Section
155 Johnson Avenue
Fayetteville, Georgia 30214
Telephone:  770-716-4787
Email:   dmoorman@fayettecountyga.gov

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