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Field Operations Division
Traffic Enforcement Section

Since the early 1980's Fayette County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.  The phenomenal growth in population in our community is easily seen in the number of motor vehicles on our roadways and the congestion associated with those motor vehicles.

The Traffic Enforcement Section is committed to using progressive education and enforcement efforFOD_TES_10-38.jpgts to ensure that the roads of Fayette County remain some of the safest in the State of Georgia.  Reducing the number of, as well as the severity of, injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes is the highest priority of the Traffic Enforcement Section; second only to eliminating the occurances of death in motor vehicle crashes.

The Investigators assigned to the Traffic Enforcement Section are highly motivated and proactively enforce Georgia’s Traffic Laws and provide many educational opportunities for our residents and visitors to learn how to be defensive drivers.

Contact Information:

Captain David Moorman, Assistant Director of Field Operations

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Field Operations Division
Traffic Enforcement Section
155 Johnson Avenue
Fayetteville, Georgia 30214

Telephone:  770-716-4787
Email:  dmoorman@fayettecountyga.gov

Click on the following links to get information concerning community issues falling in the area of responsibility of the Traffic Enforcement Section:

Parade/Assembly Permits

The Traffic Enforcement Section administers the Parade/Assembly Permit for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.  Please click on the following link to find out more information or start the process of obtaining a Parade/Assembly Permit.

Parade/Assembly Permit (Online Version)

Traffic Complaint Report

The Traffic Enforcement Section investigates complaints that concern motor vehicles and their operation on the roads of our community.  Please click on the following link to complete an electronic non-emergency traffic complaint.

Traffic Complaint Report (Online Version) 

Non-Consensual Towing

The Traffic Enforcement Section is primarily responsible for issues related to the towing of motor vehicles for law enforcement purposes at the Sheriff's Office.  Towing of abandoned or improperly parked motor vehicles vehicies on private pproperty is not regulated or controlled by the Sheriff's Office but the Georgia Public Service Commission.  Please click on the link below for more information on towing of vehicles from private property by private property owners.

Non-Consensual Towing Information

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