Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Non-Consensual Towing

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office employs the services of a Towing Service Company in order to perform its duties with regard to motor vehicle collisions and other law enforcement activities.  The use of these services is governed by an agreement between that company and the Sheriff's Office.  In general, this agreement has no connection with the towing of motor vehicles from private property for purposes other than law enforcement.

Many private property owners use Towing Service Companies for removing improperly parked vehicles from their property.  This is different from the Sheriff's Office use of these services.  In the case of private property owners, the use of Towing Service Companies is governed by the Georgia Public Service Commission.  There are particular rules and regulations that have been established for Towing Service Companies that remove improperly parked vehicles from private property.

Please click on the links below to see a letter from the Public Service Commission concerning Non-Consensual Towing as well as a document outlining some of the rules that apply to Towing Service Companies working with private property owners.


Please click here to see a letter to the Sheriff from the Public Service Commission

Please click here to see Public Service Commission Rules concerning Non-Consensual Towing

Please click here to go to the Georgia Public Service Commission Web Site

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