Saturday, July 21, 2018


The mission of the Fayette County Jail is to safely and securely confine, in a manner which recognizes individual dignity and rights, persons lawfully charged with a criminal offense, pending formal release from custody.

The Jail is operated under the direction of the Sheriff of Fayette County, in accordance with the collective best interests of the County’s taxpayers. The Jail is a full-service detention facility that houses inmates arrested by any law enforcement agency in Fayette County. In addition to housing local inmates, the Jail accepts individuals wanted by other county and state law enforcement agencies.

The primary function of the Jail is to confine inmates for the communities of Fayette County, including both male and female, pretrial and sentenced inmates. The philosophy of the Jail is to ensure that inmates leave the facility no worse physically, emotionally, or psychologically than when they entered. Inmates will be housed in a humane, dignified and constitutional manner until promptly adjudicated or released. Inmates will not be subject to the infliction of punishment other than loss of freedom.

Supervision consistent with the applicable Georgia Sheriff’s Association and the American Correctional Association standards will be provided. The Jail will maintain a high degree of staff professionalism through training and education.

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