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                                                                     House Watch Request

As a service to the citizens of Fayette County, the Sheriff’s Office offers the House Watch Program while you are on vacation or traveling.  If you are scheduled to be away from home for two days or longer, you may submit a request for Deputies to conduct security checks of your home during your absence.  Please understand that due to manpower restrictions and variations in the volume and nature of calls that the patrol shift is handling, house watches are conducted on an “as available” basis.  The Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee that a residence will be checked at specific times of the day or a minimum number of times while a homeowner is away.

Note that this service is available only to residents in the service area of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.  If you live in the city limits of Fayetteville, Peachtree City or the Town of Tyrone, please contact those agencies to inquire about similar services.

Any questions, please contact Captain David Moorman at (770) 716-4787.


Resident Information

Requestor's Name:*

Business Name:



Date of Departure:*

Date of Return:*

Telephone # where you can be reached:*

Vehicles left at residence:

(Include make, model, color, license plate #, and state)

Vehicle #1


Driveway Street Garage

Vehicle #2


Driveway Street Garage

Vehicle #3


Driveway Street Garage

Premise Information

(This information is ued for emergency contacts and emergency access to your residence if necessary)

Who has keys to residence?*


Telephone Numbers*

Additional people with keys


Telephone Numbers

Authorized Visitors

Examples: Relatives, lawn care workers, house keepers, pool workers, person(s) feeding animals, etc...



Telephone Numbers


Are you leaving any animals at the residence we need to be aware of?

Type of Animals

Number of animals

Location of animals

In the house In the yard In a kennel


Security precautions we need to know

Do you have a security alarm?

Yes No

If you have a security alarm, is it monitored?

Yes No

Please describe any lights you are leaving on:

Is there any damage to your residence now?

Yes No

If yes, please describe:

Have you had any recent problems we should be aware of?

Yes No I am not sure

If yes, please describe

Is there any additional information you think we might need to know?


I understand that this vacation house check request is NOT VALID until I am contacted personally by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office.


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