Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Fayette County Sheriff's Office
Field Operations Division

                                                                     Goals and Objectives

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Field Operations Division, is committed to accomplishing the following goals and objectives:

  • Safeguard the Public Trust – To constantly strive to earn and maintain the public’s trust in our ability to keep their families, homes, and places of work safe from crime.
  • Provide a Safe and Secure Community Environment - To provide our citizens and guests with a valid sense of personal safety and security in their home community and working environment.
  • Prevent Loss of Life, Injuries, and Property Damage - To minimize the loss of life, personal injury, and property damage resulting from traffic collisions through enforcement, education, and engineering.
  • Fair and Impartial Enforcement of the Law - To enforce the provisions of the Official Code of Georgia, the Georgia Motor Vehicle Code and other laws to prevent and deter crime.
  • Maximize Service to the Public and Assistance to Allied Agencies - To maximize service to the public in need of aid or information, and to assist other public agencies when appropriate.
  • Manage Traffic and Emergency Incidents - To promote the safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout Fayette County, and to minimize exposure of the public to unsafe conditions resulting from emergency incidents and highway impediments.
  • Protect Public and County Property - To protect the public, their property, county employees, and the county’s infrastructure. To collaborate with municipal, county, state, and federal public safety agencies to protect Fayette County.
  • Improve Divisional Efficiency - To continuously look for ways to increase the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the Field Operations Division.
  • Improve Individual Efficiency - To evaluate our personnel and their schedules to obtain maximum utilization of our human resources to meet identified needs.
  • Maintain Proactive Posture and Flexibility - To evaluate operational strategies concerning our areas of responsibility to ensure that we maintain a proactive response posture and can confront the changing needs of our community.
  • Maintain and Expand Partnerships and Collaborative Efforts - To evaluate and maintain partnerships and collaborative efforts that assist us in accomplishing our mission and addressing issues and concerns.


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