Saturday, August 30, 2014

Welcome to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office website.  Fayette County came into being after the Creek Indian cession of land at Indian Springs. Designated in 1821, it and the county seat, Fayetteville, are named for the Marquis de Lafayette, one of General George Washington's ablest lieutenants in the Revolutionary War.  The center of our county, Fayette County's former courthouse, completed in 1825, is the oldest former courthouse building still standing in Georgia and is just a 35 minute drive south of the Capitol in Atlanta.  Fayette County spans an area of 199 square miles and is home to a population of 107,524 (2012).

As the Sheriff, I am a state constitutional officer that is locally elected.  The Georgia Supreme Court declared the Office of Sheriff carries with it the duty to preserve the peace, and protect the lives, property, health, and morals of the people.  The Georgia Constitution refers to the Sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer of the county.  The word Sheriff is mentioned over 400 times in Georgia law. 

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is a full service agency unlike some metro counties.  We are still responsible for answering 911 calls for service, prevent crimes, investigate criminal conduct that has occurred, and arrest criminals.  We conduct traffic crash investigations and enforce traffic laws throughout the county.  It is also our duty to maintain the county jail for all pretrial inmates and those misdemeanants sentenced to serve time in the county jail.  Sentenced felons are transferred to the state system.  Additionally, the Sheriff, or an officer designated by the Sheriff, must attend all courts held in the county. A Deputy Sheriff acts as court officer and maintains the security and integrity of the courthouse.  As Sheriff some duties are civil in nature. They include the duty to execute and return, according to law, the civil process and orders of the courts.

I am honored to hold this high office and serve with the men and women of our agency.  Rather than leading from a desk, I have chosen to spend the majority of my time working in the field.  This may mean I’m inside the cellblocks of our jail, inside the courthouse during trials, in the detective’s office following current criminal activity, on the street with patrol or meeting with citizens at a community meeting.  This provides me a clearer understanding of the ever-evolving needs and challenges of Fayette County and leading from the front line also enables me to personally convey the message of our role as a public servant to you.

My mission statement is my oath as required by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 15-16-4:

"I do swear that I will faithfully execute all writs, warrants, precepts, and processes directed to me as sheriff of this county, or which are directed to all sheriffs of this state, or to any other sheriff specially, which I can lawfully execute, and true returns make, and in all things well and truly, without malice or partiality, perform the duties of the office of sheriff of County, during my continuance therein, and take only my lawful fees.  So help me God."



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